Ethical Clothing – What is it?

Ethical means morally acceptable. When it comes to clothing , ethical ways of manufacturing comprise of no harm to the workers,the environment and animals. Also known as sustainable fashion, it is an alternative to fast fashion. The main aim of fast fashion is to produce cheap clothing and accessories, but in the process, the people who strive for the production are forgotten.

Impact On The Environment

The fashion industry is the second largest cause for pollution around the world. Tons and tons of chemicals are used for manufacturing textile fabrics and so much of toxic waste is dumped in water bodies and landfills. This brings about the deterioration of the environment and diminishes the quality of life for humans and animals alike.

Ethical clothing strives to reduce the damage imparted of the environment by making use of chemical – free fertilizers for cultivating crops used for textiles like cotton, jute, etc. The dyes used are also safe and devoid of chemicals and toxins.

No Violence Towards Animals

So many different kinds of fabrics are obtained from animals. Innumerable animals are tortured and killed in the name of fashion. They are murdered mercilessly for leather, wool, fur and silk. PETA has been toiling hard to save animals from such abuse. Ethical clothing provides us a mode to stop violence towards animals and gives other vegan options.

Quality Of Life Raised For Workers

Most textile factory workers endure poor working conditions and live off a meager salary. Industries following Ethical clothing create an impact in the lives of workers who are condemned to toil for their livelihood. It provides better , non-polluted work places, fair wages and workers rights and in turn better quality of life.

A product manufactured is really not worth it if it has seen torture, bloodshed and is truly a negative impact on our planet. Let us adapt greener ways and strive towards making Mother Earth a better place to live in.